Brave At Business Bundle + Summit


The Brave At Business Summit ran from Nov 30 – Dec 4th 2020.

We are bringing 2020 the event back March 8th – March 12th 2021.

During this flash sale, you will have one last chance to purchase the 2020 Brave At Business Bundle, and catch the replays from the Summit.

Diversity! Brave At Business is all about celebrating women entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

The Brave At Business Bundle and Summit is put on by Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute.com. Chelsea has been a long-time contributor and affiliate to many bundles put on by other companies over the years. 

One major thing Chelsea noticed about other bundles was that they often lacked in diversity and never featured enough products by black & women of color creators. So she decided to do something about it and created Brave At Business. Brave At Business celebrates a diverse group of successful women and their remarkable training.

Yes, all presentations have closed captioning. Transcripts are also available for each presentation when you purchase to the Summit Replay Upgrade.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to ensure you’re able to enjoy this event.

A ‘bundle’ is when you get access to a huge resource library of digital products, at a huge discount. The Brave At Business Bundle is a collection of 31 eCourses, 6 ebooks, 4 template products, and 6 memberships.

We know! It is a crazy amount of value for such a low price. But yes it’s 100% for real. The way it’s possible is because we only sell the bundle for one week. 

This flash deal allows you to score a huge discount, and it allows the contributors in the bundle to reach an all new audience. After the sale week ends, each product goes back to being sold individually at full price. 

There’s no catch, aside from the fact that if you don’t buy it during the sale week, you miss out!

Yes, when you buy the Bundle, you get lifetime access to each course in the bundle. Just make sure that you enroll in each course before May 29th 2021.

No, of course not. You can choose to use just the products that make sense for your business. And since you have lifetime access to each product, and they are all self-paced, you can take your time, and use the products on a schedule that works for you.

Yes. Chelsea Clarke (curator of the bundle and host of the summit) spent months personally vetting each contributor and their product for quality. Each product was hand selected for the Brave At Business Bundle, for its quality, and because it serves a specific purpose that can help a content creator get ahead. 

Of course, everyone’s personal preferences will differ, you may love some of the products, you may not love others. Not every product will be exactly perfect for your specific needs, but you will find many inside that will be. Considering just one of the products in the bundle costs $400+ on its own, you only need to use one of the products in the bundle to make it worth your investment.

The relaunch of the bundle is a one-time only flash sale, and it really does end on March 12th at 11:59pm. Each of the contributors have signed an agreement to allow Brave At Business to sell the bundle with their premium products inside, for a specific timeframe.  It wouldn’t be fair if we let this deal go on forever, so it really is a limited time sale, and when it’s over, it’s over.

Nope! We will never share your email address with anyone.

When you buy the Brave At Business Bundle you will be given special access codes for each speaker’s product, and then YOU decide which ones you want to sign up to.

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The 2020 bundle and summit is filled but if you are interested in getting involved in the 2021 event, let us know here

In the meantime, you may wish to apply to join the affiliate team.

The Bundle contains instant downloads and content from multiple businesses, and the passes are all digital, so refunds are not available. All sales are final. Please read all the details before you purchase and contact us if you have any questions.

Once you buy the bundle, an account will be automatically created for you at https://academy.herpaperroute.com

Check your inbox, because you will receive an email within a few minutes that includes the link you need to access your bundle inside your account. You will be able to select a password the first time you log in.

Can’t find the email? Have no fear! You can also go can directly to https://academy.herpaperroute.com/login and do a password reset, using the same email you used at checkout. Then once logged in you will see everything on your account. 

If you already have a student account with HerPaperRoute, atfer you checkout, you can just log in and find the bundle in your list of enrolments. Easy-peasy, hey?!

If you have any trouble logging in at anytime, do a password reset on the login page.

If you experience any other issues, please contact support, and we will get in touch within 2 business days. 

Yes we do! Affiliates earn 30% commission, referring sales to Brave At Business. Apply to join the affiliate team here.